User's Guide

Using the SABINS Data Finder

This user's guide covers the entire process of selecting and downloading SABINS data. Users learn how to use filters to find the tabular data and GIS boundary files they seek.

SABINS Database Design and Codebook

The SABINS database design and codebook describe the features and tables that comprise the database. It provides an overview of the project and detailed descriptions of the fields in the GIS mapping files and the associated tables.

SABINS Joining Manual

The SABINS joining manual provides basic instructions for joining a SABINS shapefile with the SABINS-to-Common Core of Data crosswalk table.

SABINS Labeling Manual

The SABINS labeling manual provides instructions for labeling school attendance boundaries with the names of the schools that service them.

SABINS Digitizing Manual

The SABINS digitizing manual describes the project's methodology for converting non-GIS school attendance boundary maps to digital GIS format.